So what's an editor?

Editors do more than just correct grammar—we make sure every word counts and that the message speaks to its intended audience.

Now, more than ever, editors have become content strategists who bring together concepts, words and photos to tell a story, sell a product or teach a skill. I've edited blog posts, online courses, case studies and more.

My editing career started in print magazines, but it has extended well beyond the printed page. I'm contributing editor to for two lifestyle and leisure magazines: Just for Canadian Doctors and Just for Canadian Dentists. I write an up front "mix" section and a beverage column, design and produce some of the pages and proof the magazine. I'm also the former contract editor-in-chief of a national trade magazine, Enterprise, which is published by Central 1 Credit Union. 


trade magazines

Enterprise magazine

Just for Canadian Dentists magazine

Just for Canadian Doctors magazine

I started my editorial career in trade magazines as managing editor of Homeswest, a shelter magazine published by utility company BC Gas. Afterwards, I started editing consumer magazines and worked as special projects editor for BCBusiness magazine before shifting back to shelter magazines as editor of BC Home magazine. Soon after, I became launch editor of Alberta Home. BC Home also had a monthly newsletter I created, along with a blog called The Style Lounge. During this time, I was part of the launch team and assistant editor of Granville magazine, a sustainable city magazine. Eventually, content from BC Home and Granville merged into one brand BC Living: a print magazine and website.  

Consumer magazines


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From print ...

BC Home magazine 

BC Home magazine digital

BC Home e-newsletter excerpt

BC Home e-newsletter excerpt

Granville magazine excerpt

Granville magazine excerpt

My versatility in creating content for consumer and B2B audiences, and my experience editing shelter magazines, led to a unique opportunity to work with BC Hydro to develop its inaugural Team Power Smart magazine. This involved starting from scratch to develop everything from editorial content to the look and feel. I also wrote a significant portion of the first few issues, which were 16-page supplements published within BC Home, BC Business and British Columbia magazine. 

custom publishing

Excerpt from Team Power Smart magazine, BC Hydro

Excerpt from Team Power Smart magazine, BC Hydro


Stories from B.C.'s northern communities.

Ireland's campaigns to save energy.

Excerpt from Team Power Smart magazine, BC Hydro

Excerpt from Team Power Smart magazine, BC Hydro


No-cook recipes + the case for composting. 

Celebrity athletes tell what's in their fridges.